To quote Lilo, Halloween is a “federal holiday. Everybody dresses up like zombies and stuff and tries to scare you.”

I very much enjoyed delving into the nooks and crannies of old photo albums, CD files, [privatized] Facebook posts, and old emails from the email account that I used to update my other ten year old friends.


*note: I was born in 2000


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First Halloween and I am a clown. I don’t really like clowns. This was a couple months before my family immigrated to Canada. Also photographed: AJ as a bunny, Andre as Woody, and mom as…mom.


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I can’t tell what I was here and I’m pretty sure no one else in this photo knew what they were either. I’m wearing a Jasmine costume…apparently.


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Ariel. I think this was my first time going treat-or-treating in an actual neighborhood. By the way, you KNOW you’re a kid in Canada when you’ve got a turtle neck under your princess costume.


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Snow White, the first and scariest Disney Princess ever. I get called Snow White a lot because of my dark hair and somewhat pale skin for an Asian.

Processed with VSCO with b5 presetProcessed with VSCO with b5 presetProcessed with VSCO with b5 preset

A fairy princess. In 2004, I had started kindergarten and what a time to be alive! I remember my teacher, Mrs. Johnson had made the class draw what they were then after she called us up to clarify what we were so she could write it out correctly at the bottom of our art. She initially wrote “princess” and to that I said, “a fairy princess.” Also photographed: AJ as a clown, Andre as a ninja, and my grandma being uncharacteristically unglamourous.


A vampire. I don’t even remember ever wanting to be a vampire. I was a five year old girl: very, very girly. I’m surprised I was never “the colour pink” for Halloween. I distinctly remember coming downstairs and my grandma telling me, “here’s your costume” and there hanging on the basement doorknob was Dracula’s dress. Also, don’t I look like I can be on the cover of a 2005 edition of Stephen King’s, Carrie? Also photographed: Andre as Jason.


Frankenstein’s Bride. I was clearly SO INTO IT. Now, every Halloween my mom hangs this costume in from of the house as decoration.


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Lady Gaga. Yes, it got very specific very fast. I love a good topical costume and Miss Gaga was the shit in 2010. In 2010, I started French Immersion and I uttered the sentence “Je suis Madam Gaga” in most confidence. We also did these skits for drama in which I played a rapping owl. Je suis le hibou, ou ou. Watch out, Alexander Hamilton, you ain’t the only one. Also, in 2010 I wore my hair like this all the time, minus the blonde (yeah I know it does NOT match my hair whatsoever) hairpiece.


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Deloris Van Cartier. Oh yes. From Sister Act. In 2011, I saw my first Broadway show and it was Patina Miller in Sister Act. It was then I said I’M GONNA BE AN ACTRESS and that was it. I remember walking (strutting in my over-the-knee high heel boots, purple stockings, leopard print blouse, crimped hair, and my take on Curtis’ wife’s blue coat) into the playground and this girl said I looked like a hooker. I laughed, not knowing what a hooker was. Iconic. I also remember one of the houses my friends and I trick or treated at had scared the heck out of us and while they all sprinted to another street, I could hardly walk down their driveway in the heels.


Dorothy. To this day I am especially proud of this costume because I had made it myself. Plus, I was finally something that people would actually recognize (See 2004, 2011, and Other Iconic but Unphotographed Halloween moments).


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Glinda or GA-linda. No one really understood this one but that’s okay. What wasn’t okay was that whenever I would burst out singing “Popular” people said it was “the Ariana Grande” song. I almost started wailing as I said, “STEPHEN SCHWARTZ!” Also photographed: Andie as a pig and Kammy as a girl from the 80s.


Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

A vampire? A  dark angel? I don’t remember. All I remembered was that this was my first Halloween in high school and I didn’t know what was appropriate. I sure as hell didn’t want to show up like Cady did at Regina George’s party. But I also didn’t wanna be be like Elle Woods when she showed up as a playboy bunny at that snake Vivian’s party. So I went somewhere in the middle with stuff I had in my closet. That dress, by the way, was from 2011 and following this I went on to give it to a then 6 year old who wears it now. Oh and any 14 year old reading this not knowing what to wear, wear anything; my friends went as gnomes that year.


A pink lady(?); Alice. Halloween had fell on a Saturday that year so we got an extra Halloween at school. I thought wearing a blond wig to school was gonna be dumb (who cares though!!) so I went with the pink lady costume for the Friday and Alice for my aunt’s party on the Saturday.

And scene.

I should also mention the costumes that I sadly can’t find the pictures of.

Other Iconic but Unphotographed Halloween Moments


2008 – A hobo.

2009 – Lisa Simpson (a costume my mom made for me that looked somewhat en pointe)

Yes, I wish I could show them to you as much as you want to see them.

This Halloween I wanted to go as “Taco Belle” but mom insisted that I just go as Belle. But that’s no fun. You’ll just have to wait and see what I’m going as this year. OOOOOH THE SUSPENSE.






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