We walked into the Art Gallery of Ontario, welcomed by families with kids in their snowsuits, couples in clothes reminiscent with the 90s, hand in hand–or hand in camera– and a signs that said “Wednesday Nights Free!”

After cruising through left side of the gallery–passing through contemporary Inuit and First Nations art, works of Manasie Akpaliapik, and a mutual favourite by Paul Peel in a gorgeous maroon room, we stopped for a coffee. The espresso bar reminded me of the top of the CN tower except we saw a view of tall street houses homing local businesses, and which also gave the realization of the recent time change. The sun was out and it was hardly after 7pm. This architecture, man. Wood and curved glass with the grey view of the quite parts of town? I’ll take it to go. I told myself I wasn’t going to film anything but couldn’t hide from this abundant inspiration. Even the way they served my iced latte was like dropping a bucket a blue paint in Niagara Falls. I decided to do a stop motion.

A couple things to note:

  • AGO is free admission from 6-9pm every Wednesday
  • My mom’s favourite piece was After the Bath by Paul Peel while I was drawn to Augustus John’s Marchesa Casati. The art that captivates is the art that extracts feeling, both in tears or in thought.
  • And yes, I bought a postcard of the Casati painting to take home.
  • There were rooms and rooms of (of  course) The Group of Seven which had me teaching my mom everything I knew about the famous Canadian artists. From each of their different techniques to Tom Thompson’s supposed murder. I surprised myself at how much I knew about Art history. I repeated this at the gift shop which had books about Frida whom I could talk about forever.
  • My favourite member of the Group of Seven is obviously Lawren Harris. I painted (basically a replica) of one of his pieces for grade 9 art culminating.

I loved getting this reminder of Canada’s grandeur.


One thought on “Wednesday Evening at AGO

  1. Another inspiring blog Daniele. I felt like im there with you in that gallery. Now i wanted to see paintings too. Im so proud to have a cousin like you, beautiful inside and out and very talented.

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